‘I’m so embarrassed by what my dad named my puppy – I’ll never get a girlfriend’

Settling on a dog’s name isn’t always easy as there are so many options to choose from.

While some turn to their favourite books, television shows and movies for inspiration, others simply pick one out in the heat of the moment.

But one dog owner regrets trusting his dad to register his golden retriever puppy at the vets after he went ‘rogue’ with its name.

Speaking to Reddit, the 19-year-old owner explained how he was gifted a puppy by his parents – but was unable to take her home with him straight away.

He said: “I decided Holly was an appropriate name.

“Due to circumstances at the time, I couldn’t take her home immediately, so I left her with my parents for a couple of weeks.

“In that time, my dad listed her name with the kennel club as Mizz Princess Hollywood and did the same with the vet registration.

“I have no idea about this. Six months later when I’m taking her in for a check-up and going to the front desk, they find her listed as her kennel club name.

“I laugh, sigh, and say ‘just Holly’ knowing exactly what happened.”

Although he was able to see the funny side, he was still embarrassed by the situation, especially because he was sitting next to a “cute girl” when his dog’s name was called.

“I’m sitting in the waiting room and a cute girl around my age comes in with a beautiful German shepherd pup and sits by me,” he added.

“Our pups start playing together so we inevitably talk. We’re hitting it off, talking about the joys and downs of puppy-ownership – but then the receptionist steps up and calls Mizz Princess Hollywood.

“Now I’m already embarrassed, but it didn’t help that while I was still standing up there they call out Bowser, or something else fairly masculine, and the cute girl stands up with her pup.

“I just walked into the exam room red-faced and never saw her again.”

While most users laughed at his “troll of a dad” naming the dog Mizz Princess Hollywood, others tried to reassure him that it shouldn’t stop his chances at securing a date.

One user said: “I’m sure the girl didn’t care or thought it was funny. I feel like no one chooses to date or not to date based on the name of the person’s dog.”

Another user added: “You should have got up said ‘It’s a long story but I’d love to tell you about it over coffee after this’.”

A third user said: “I think it’s hilarious the vet calls out the dog’s name rather than the owner’s name.”